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Tax Planning

As financial advisers we have a thorough understanding of both legal and tax aspects of your personal finances. Tax planning isn’t something that only your accountant can help with. Working closely with accountants, and in some cases solicitors, we believe we really add value through the use of tax planning vehicles.

As well as pensions, there are other investments we can use to potentially reduce your tax bill where appropriate, like:

  • shares in the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) Portfolio’s, to reduce inheritance tax
  • use of a Discounted Gift Trust or Loan Trust, again to reduce inheritance tax
  • adding a Capital Gains Tax portfolio, to make use of your personal allowance
  • using offshore investment to help with school fee’s
  • Venture Capital Trusts (VCT ) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), to reduce your income tax liability
  • pensions, where you can ‘carry forward’ and make additional contributions and get more tax relief from past years allowances that were unused

Our expert advisors will discuss options with you and we’ll aim to come up with a tailored solution which meets your needs.

We work within an extended network of accountants, so can also help you find an accountant with the relevant experience to hopefully make a difference to you or your business.

Want a tailored plan for your needs?

Contact us to see how to add value through the use of tax planning vehicles.