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Our Story

Our Story

In 2006 two friends, Bhavik Patel and Andrew Rowe met working at the same mortgage practice. In 2007 Bhav started his own practice with the simple objective of providing independent, clear, honest, and transparent financial advice. Andy joined Evolution in 2011 and together Bhav and Andy became the perfect duo. Originally specialising in mortgage advice, over the years Bhav and Andy have expanded the capability of Evolution FS into wealth management, insurance, auto enrolment, and most recently Estate Planning. Even as they expand into new areas, their core business values remain the same and they are committed to providing clear and dependable advice specifically tailored to each customer.

Going from strength to strength, Bhav and Andy are continually expanding, having acquired their first IFA client base shortly after establishing the business in 2013 and most recently in 2018. From two people working from home, Bhav and Andy expanded rapidly and have built a team with combined experience of over 200 years in the financial industry, providing tailored advice to both individuals and businesses. Evolution FS is currently managing over £100m of assets on behalf of clients and growing.

  1. Bhav and Andy Met

    • Bhav and Andy met and became friends, working together at the same mortgage practice
  2. Bhav started Evolution

    Bhav started his own Mortgage Practice
  3. Andy joined the Practice

    • Bhav and Andy joined forces to create the perfect duo
    • Evolution took over Belgrange Mortgages
  4. Evolution Incorporated

    • Evolution Financial Services Ltd was born
    • Evolution received permission to give financial advice
  5. Opened Harrow Office

    • Opened first office in Harrow
    • Evolution acquired first IFA client base from Nexis
  6. Acquired Wem & Co Financial Services

    • Evolution took over Wem & Co Financial Planning
    • Opened second Office in Acton
  7. Acquired Executive Mortgages

    • Evolution took over Executive Mortgages
    • Opened third office in Teddington