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Wills & Estate Planning

We know how hard you have worked to earn your assets, and to allow a large chunk to be eaten up by inheritance tax would be painful. Most of us have thought about making a Will however, over 60% of the population in the U.K. don’t have one. Property prices have increased rapidly over the past two decades and this has had an impact on the amount of wealth you are able to pass on to the next generation.

We have the knowledge to structure your assets to minimise inheritance tax and make sure your beneficiaries are looked after.

  • We can ensure your loved ones are looked after, especially for complex modern families and unmarried couples, who could end up with nothing without a will in place.
  • Laws and tax implications are constantly changing, we can keep you informed with currant rules and legislations, to utilise available reliefs and allowances. (e.g. business property relief).
  • We can help you be in control of your assets, what happens after your death and help your trustees, explaining their responsibilities and roles when passing on your assets.

Our expert advisers will discuss your options, and outline a Will, to protect your loves ones and secure your wishes.

The financial conduct authority does not regulate tax and estate planning.

Want tailored advise for your needs?

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